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Hello dear friend,

Since 2006 my web site and all information published was running free of charge to everyone for personal use. As far I as I have knowledge, several thousands of my antennas were successfully built and are in every day use with great results which makes me pleased and proves that opening this web site was a good move.

Average of more than 250 people are visiting it every day. Just recently number of visits has reached total of more than 500.000 visits. To be honest, at the beginning I was not expecting such development and for years, readily responded to countless e-mails for assistance, advice, help or a new, changed designs to meet your requirements and demands. That took a lot of my time and huge amount of my work but I wanted to help everyone so did not complain nor I asked for any payment even though there were literally thousands of designs I did that way. 

Over the years, from several reliable friends, I received information that my designs are misused for commercial building and sale of antennas even though none of them ever asked for my consent and I was not asked for approval and without any compensation for use of published data which are subject of intellectual property. All these designs did not fall off the sky to me, actually they are result of thousands of hours, many months and years of work and such abuse is the least not fair. I am sure you will agree with me ...

Few years a go I have retired after 41 years of work and now live on a very small pension so any additional income is well needed. Since number of mails and requests for help is not getting any lower and all that takes a lot of my time and often several days of work, I have decided to change my approach and from now on, I will charge any request for re-design or changed details of published antennas to a new element dimensions, different element sizes or different taper schedule, to calculate appropriate folded dipole dimensions for particular antenna or tasks of a similar nature ... I am not greedy and not asking for a big money, just to value my time depending on complexity and amount of work involved and I am sure everyone would be able to afford such cost.

However, I will continue to publish new designs for free once I have them verified in a real life since my main goal when I started this web site was to publish only designs that were successfully built and tested, to help people make good reliable antennas much cheaper, rather than buying commercial products at several times larger price.

In addition to published designs I have many new ones with even better specifications or specifications more suitable for certain requirements (such as low Q, better SWR bandwidth, optimal taper schedule, different wind resistance) and these designs will not be published for misuse reasons. All these new designs, published only with basic specifications but without details for building as well as designs which are not published ARE NOT FREE and I am asking for a small DESIGN FEE to value at least part of my work. Before making decision to build some antenna contact me and check if I have something for you
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